The GvsB Sunday morning mix is back with an eclectic and very deep selection of tracks from an artist who needs no introduction around here: the great Dave Portner, aka Avey Tare of Animal Collective. Listen to Avey Tare's mix, featuring songs from Stereolab, Lee Dorsey, Broadcast, J.J. Cale, Leon Thomas, and many more, below + and pick up Animal Collective's rightfully BNM'ed new album Time Skiffs here:



previous gorilla vs. bear sunday mixes:

001 Soccer Mommy
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004 Cindy Lee
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007 Magdalena Bay
008 Shabazz Palaces
009 Sofia Kourtesis
010 Negative Gemini
011 Ela Minus
012 Laura Marling
013 Westerman
014 Kelly Lee Owens
015 Jessy Lanza
016 Madeline Kenney
017 Courtney Marie Andrews
018 Washed Out
019 Yves Jarvis
020 Kate Bollinger
021 Marissa Nadler
022 Indigo Sparke
023 Kero Kero Bonito
024 Claire George
025 Hildegard
026 Loraine James
027 Lightning Bug
028 Chillwave Kittens
029 Nite Jewel

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