This week's calming GvsB Sunday morning mix comes courtesy of our longtime favorite Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, who just released one of the best albums of his decade-plus long career in the blissfully bittersweet Purple Noon. Tailor-made for reflecting and/or decompressing on this early fall Sunday morning, preferably outdoors, as our dystopian summer comes to a close, featuring tracks from Brian Eno, Yves Tumor, Shuggie Otis, Spencer Zahn, Bill Evans + more. Listen below or on Spotify, and pick up Purple Noon on vinyl here. Ernest tells us how his current listening habits influenced the mix:

"My personal listening habits go through cycles that are constantly changing. My last record Purple Noon was very song-focused and because of that I was listening to a lot of pop songs mainly. I’m not sure if it is the stress and anxiety related to the pandemic or just the natural ebb and flow of my creative instinct but I’ve slowly moved into a zone of open-ended, pseudo-ambient music as my music of choice. Nothing better on a Sunday morning than to turn on tunes like this and read outside in a hammock. Hope you enjoy..."



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