In the time before COVID-19, Pottery's debut LP Welcome to Bobby's Motel -- one of our most anticipated records of the year -- was all set to drop this past Friday, and we were very psyched to celebrate its arrival with the Montreal band's stellar installment of our Sunday artist mix series. Sadly, we now have to wait until summer for the record to get here, but the Pottery boys still came through with the hot new mix for yall. Featuring tracks from Amen Dunes, Harry Nilsson, Cindy Lee, Heart, Chet Baker, Aldous Harding, Ariel Pink + more, it's over an hour and a half of classic rainy day tunes to soundtrack your lazy Sunday morning. And coincidentally, this is the second GvsB Sunday mix (so far) to include a John Denver joint. Check it below, and recalibrate your calendars for Welcome to Bobby's Motel, now coming June 26th on limited edition hot dog yellow vinyl via Partisan.



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