We're psyched to present this week's exquisite GvsB Sunday mix, from one of my favorite artists of the past decade. Pat Flegel -- formerly of Women and Androgynous Mind, currently Cindy Lee -- graces us with the new edition of their REALISTIK RADIO series, entitled PSYCH WARFARE, featuring a diverse selection of songs from Joni Mitchell, Solange, Nico, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and more. Listen and download below. There are two new Cindy Lee full-lengths out now -- What's Tonight to Eternity and Cat O' Nine Tails -- and both are among the most beautiful things you will hear this year. You can find those here.

David Horowitz - Liszt Sonata in Bm (abridged)
Nico - Afraid
Cynthia Fee - Thank You For Being A Friend
Joni Mitchell - Car On A Hill
Solange - Junie
Section 25 - Colour, Movement Sex and Violence
Tegan and Sara - I Was A Fool
Tonetta - You Took Advantage
David Bowie - Move On
Wilbur Harrison - Kansas City
Pussy Galore - Spin Out
Joni Mitchell - Shadows And Light
Billy Corgan - Rats
Nu Sensae - Don't Panic
New Fries - JZIII
Black Sabbath - Hand Of Doom excerpt live/studio
Harry Pussy - Sex Problem
Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Fire Engines - We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bibo No Aozora
Joni Mitchell - Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire

[photo via the Cindy Lee geocities]