Montreal's Yves Jarvis, who happens to have just dropped one of the coolest albums of the year with his adventurous and hypnotic new LP Sundry Rock Song Stock, comes through this morning with one of the coolest GvsB Sunday morning mixes in the series to date. The Montreal artist calls the mix, which comes complete with a dope visual element, "a condensed version of my morning shuffle this year ran through the echo of my beloved reels", and it's a revealing glimpse into some of his disparate influences and inspirations, glowed up with a touch of his tape-warped magic. Watch/download + check the full tracklist below, and pick up Sundry Rock Song Stock here:

1. dedalus - brilla
2. king crimson - fallen angel
3. the upsetters - we our neighbours
4. julie london - say it isn't so
5. yes - america
6. the ex - six of one and half a dozen of the other
7. pink floyd - wot's...uh the deal?
8. maggie & terre roche - telephone bill



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