Kero Kero Bonito graces us with this week's glorious gorilla vs. bear sunday mix, which comprises some of the adventurous, genre-defying sounds that inspired the group's ambitious and brilliant new Civilisation II EP. According to KKB, the new EP "explores lost world art pop," and was "made entirely with old synthesisers and assorted junk in our quest to realise a fantastical parallel timeline for pop music," and their Origins mix feels like a perfect, otherworldly distillation of that journey. Listen + download and find the full tracklist below, and buy Civilisation II here.

"We all seek to know where we come from. Our true genealogy is elusive and desirable information, sold by corporations and ceaselessly debated by academics. Do we think a full view of our bloodlines will explain who we are? Or is it comforting to know that our brief, walled-in existence is part of a greater network of life?

Music is a prism refracting humanity. In its colours we see the gestures, motivations and quirks of every society that chooses to engage with it. Just as we all have ancestors, our music would not exist without its forebears, and it is our duty to recognise and pay our respects to them.

This is a mix of songs by artists who all greatly influenced the Civilisation EPs. Their efforts to step beyond contemporary normativity, embrace technology and dive into history in order to find themselves informed the attitude that guides our work. These are The Origins of Civilisation." -- KKB

Kero Kero Bonito | The Origins of Civilisation mix

00:00: Art of Primitive Sound - The Dance of Leaves
00:49: Sarabandge - Iwai-Bushi
03:57: The Black Dog - Cost II
08:05: Tim Follin - Overworld
09:57: Bullion - My Lar (Vocal Version)
13:49: 一風堂 [Ippu-Do] - ドリーム·オブ·ザ·ジプシーズ [Dream of the Gypsies]
16:57: 井村 絵里子 [Eriko Imura] - 曲名不詳03 [Untitled 03]
18:17: B12 - Scriptures
22:14: Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Slow Dance
25:59: Unknown - Unknown
27:15: Himalayan Headwaters - Tender Is As Tender Does
30:52: Biting Tongues - Surrender