listen: Broadcast’s Berberian Sound Studio soundtrack
Broadcast was working on the soundtrack for psychological thriller Berberian Sound Studio around the time of Trish Keenan's tragic, untimely passing in 2011. According to NPR, James Cargill "took Keenan's recordings for the score and pieced together a gorgeous tapestry of sound that's as serene as it is spooky...
Tennis x Broadcast
Tennis just posted up this simple, characteristically charming/sweet cover of Broadcast's gorgeous "Tears in the Typing Pool." Pick up the Denver duo's new Origins blue vinyl 7" single from Forest Fam: Tennis :: Tears in the Typing Pool
Trish Keenan: Mind Bending Motorway mix
A beautiful and poignant mix of psych rarities / obscurities that Broadcast's Trish Keenan made for a friend shortly before her trip to Australia. No tracklist -- they're filling in some of the blanks here -- but a lot of this stuff is really amazing...