A lovely change of pace for this week's GvsB Sunday morning mix: Oakland's Madeline Kenney, whose beautiful new record Sucker's Lunch was just released this week, shares an inspired collection of what she considers to be "brave songwriting", featuring iconic tracks from Joni Mitchell, the Blue Nile, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Laurie Anderson, Aldous Harding, Kate Bush, and more. Madeline talks about her mix, and what makes a songwriter brave and/or truly "badass":

Here is a playlist I made after seeing that I was put on the "Badass Women" playlist on Spotify.  I would like to honor what I consider "badass" – brave songwriting – whether that be a choice in lyrics or production or chord structure that seems outside of the norm or what may be expected of someone. Challenging topics, weird lyrical form...and, not to mention, maybe ignoring that old tired gender binary thing.


Sucker's Lunch is out now on Carpark, pick it up on custard vinyl on bandcamp here.


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