For this week's absolutely flawless Sunday mix, Sarah Beth Tomberlin graces us with a beautiful lazy Sunday morning soundtrack, featuring favorites both classic and brand new, from Joni Mitchell, Christelle Bofale, Grouper, Frank Ocean, Okay Kaya, Adrianne Lenker, Alex G, Jon McKiel, Katie Dey, and more. It's an eclectic selection of songs that is warming our hearts on this brisk fall morning, thanks to an essential common thread that Tomberlin had in mind when tying all of these wonderful gems together: tenderness. Read what sb had to say about her mix, and listen below or over on spotify. Tomberlin's new record Projections is one of the best EPs of the year, and it's out now.

"These are tender emotional songs in their own various ways. Sundays feel tender to me. A time to reset and set intentions for yourself and your week. A time to be lazy with people you love. A time to be alone and actually feel your feelings. Maybe you can lay around listening at home, or a nice scenic drive looking at the leaves changing or feel a difference in the air, or maybe take a long walk with some good headphones. Whatever you do - I hope these songs bring you some tenderness today too. I hope you make some time to feel your feelings. x sb"

photo: Ebru Yildiz
photo: Ebru Yildiz


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