Marissa Nadler x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Calico Wallpaper
Rachel is one of my oldest friends, and happens to run, along with her husband Nick Cope, Calico Wallpaper out of Red Hook, Brooklyn. In their own words, “Calico Wallpaper began with the inspiration to move art beyond the frame and incorporate its elements into everyday interior spaces...
Marissa Nadler x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Stan Brakhage – Mothlight
I remember in High School, like many stoned suburban teenagers across America, trying out the mythical magical synthesis of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and the Wizard Of Oz. It was alright. ...If you sync up experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage’s gorgeous Mothlight with pretty much any moody instrumental music -- I’m thinking the Dirty Three, Locrian, or classical music like Chopin -- then
Marissa Nadler x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Jan Svankmajer
I’ve been obsessed with the Czech master animator Jan Svankmajer’s work for a long time. He works in surreal 3-D stop motion animation, puppets, and live motion, and has influenced countless artists and animators, including the Brothers Quay and Terry Gilliam...
Marissa Nadler x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Fleeting
I met the guitarist Glenn Jones years ago while on tour with the late great Jack Rose, another legend in the world of American Primitive Guitar. I’ve been lucky enough to have Glenn glue my beloved 12-string Martin back after countless airline debacles...
Marissa Nadler x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Mamiffer
Mammifer is Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner. Their new record, released recently on Sige Records, is The World Unseen. “Mara” is my favorite song from this album. It’s mournful, spectral, cosmic, tragic, and dare I use the word haunting...
Marissa Nadler x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover
It's been over a decade since we first fell in love with the music of Marissa Nadler -- sometime around the moment I first heard her flawless "Diamond Heart", which remains one of my favorite songs of all time -- and I distinctly remember the thrill of discovery every time she'd upload one of her exquisite and still underrated cover songs on myspace. So it goes without saying that we're

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