I’ve been obsessed with the Czech master animator Jan Svankmajer’s work for a long time. He works in surreal 3-D stop motion animation, puppets, and live motion, and has influenced countless artists and animators, including the Brothers Quay and Terry Gilliam. He singularly inspired me to start animating, and was definitely an influence for the recent video I made for All The Colors Of The Dark.

Writing in The New York Times, Andrew Johnston praised Svankmajer's artistry, stating "while his films are rife with cultural and scientific allusions, his unusual imagery possesses an accessibility that feels anchored in the shared language of the subconscious, making his films equally rewarding to the culturally hyper literate and to those who simply enjoy visual stimulation." Kind of like the best music, you don’t need a degree in drone to “get it.” -- Marissa Nadler