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01 Palmbomen II :: teena milder 00:00
02 Anthony Naples :: pale 01:24
03 Metro Thuggin :: free gucci 03:00
04 Chazzzy :: donuts all day 07:05
05 GFOTY & Spinee :: brand new car 09:40
06 Kero Kero Bonito :: picture this 11:10
07 Noah :: take it down 14:23
08 Cafe Lanai :: lanai 18:58
09 GABI :: fleece (autre ne veut club mix) 23:50
10 ??? :: i keep forgetting (tape dub edit) 26:50
11 Geologist x Tickley Feather :: stretching songs for spring (excerpt) 27:50
12 Chromatics :: i can never be myself when you’re around 29:50
13 Grimes :: REALiTi (recycle culture remix) 34:47

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mp3: Glass Candy – Shell Game http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/27/glass-candy-shell-game/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/27/glass-candy-shell-game/#comments Fri, 27 Mar 2015 19:20:21 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348086 Read more »]]>

“Ida & I’s Collaboration For The Midnight Movie Cult Scene At The End Of The Fifth Reel From “Lost River”. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Coming Out Worldwide Monday, March 30th On Italians Do It Better. “Shell Game” Features Rhythms From Glass Candy’s “Red Heads Feel More Pain”, The Closing Track From The “After Dark 2″ Mixtape”Johnny Jewel

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video: Jamie xx – Loud Places (feat. Romy of the xx) http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/27/video-jamie-xx-loud-places-feat-romy-of-the-xx/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/27/video-jamie-xx-loud-places-feat-romy-of-the-xx/#comments Fri, 27 Mar 2015 12:00:00 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348076 Read more »]]>

[directed by Simon Halsall & JB Babenhausen]

In Colour is out June 1. Pre-order on iTunes to get 4 tracks now, including “Loud Places” + “Gosh“.

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premiere: Stealing Sheep – Not Real (live video) http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/premiere-stealing-sheep-not-real-live-video/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/premiere-stealing-sheep-not-real-live-video/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 16:50:29 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348049 Read more »]]>

As enchanted as we were by the trippy, technicolor original video for the title track from Liverpool band Stealing Sheep‘s wonderful forthcoming Not Real LP, we might have easily dismissed a secondary “live video” as unnecessary, an inessential afterthought. We would have been mistaken; this one, though stark and simple, might somehow be even better. Shot by Ben Morgan at Vessel Studios in Liverpool. Not Real is out April 13.

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video: Yumi Zouma – Alena http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/video-yumi-zouma-alena/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/video-yumi-zouma-alena/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 16:11:16 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348061 Read more »]]>

The sequel to the group’s “Catastrophe” video, also directed by the always-great BANGS. Yumi Zouma’s EP II is out now on Cascine.

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Jana Hunter of Lower Dens – Dazed mix http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/jana-hunter-of-lower-dens-dazed-mix/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/jana-hunter-of-lower-dens-dazed-mix/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 14:45:20 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348037 Read more »]]>

One of our heroes, Arlington, TX’s own Jana Hunter, put together a beautiful mix for Dazed, featuring some of her inspirations, including Julee Cruise, Alice Coltrane, Throwing Shade, Wendy Carlos + more. Lower Dens’ Escape From Evil is out next week. Full mix tracklist after the jump…

Rebekah Del Rio – “Llorando”
Yvonne Loriod-Messiaen and Jeanne Loriod – “4 Inédits Pour Piano Et Ondes Martenot-I.”
Maria Chavez – “Live at Silent Barn 5.3.11″
Dorothy Ashby – “Soul Vibrations”
Throwing Shade – “Adagio for Britney”
Pauline Oliveros – “Cows, Cows, Cows!”
Brigitte Fontaine – “Je suis décadente (la concierge gamberge)”
Wendy Carlos – “Title Music From A Clockwork Orange (From Purcell’s Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary)”
Alice Coltrane – “Ohnedaruth”
Lola Beltrán and Linda Ronstadt – “Hay Unos Ojos”
Susan Alcorn – “Kalimankou Denkou”
Christy Azuma + Uppers International – “Naam”
Julee Cruise – “The World Spins”

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Bully announces debut LP Feels Like http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/bully-announces-debut-lp-feels-like/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/bully-announces-debut-lp-feels-like/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 14:11:26 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348043 Read more »]]>

One of the best bands I caught last week — not at SXSW, but at Spillover here in Dallas — Nashville’s Bully has announced their debut full-length, Feels Like, out June 23 on StarTime International. Here’s the blistering and cathartic lead single:

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video: Leon Bridges – Better Man (live on the Late Late Show) http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/video-leon-bridges-better-man-live-on-the-late-late-show/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/26/video-leon-bridges-better-man-live-on-the-late-late-show/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 12:45:21 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348040

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new Jamie xx – Loud Places (featuring Romy Madley Croft of the xx) http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/25/new-jamie-xx-loud-places/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/25/new-jamie-xx-loud-places/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 20:20:08 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348025 Read more »]]>


As if we weren’t psyched enough for Jamie xx’s debut record already: this song, which features the xx’s Romy Madley Croft and an absolutely glorious and inspired Idris Muhammad sample, is beautiful (and Annie Mac‘s enthusiasm is contagious):

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video: QT – Hey QT http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/25/video-qt-hey-qt/ http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2015/03/25/video-qt-hey-qt/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 15:00:23 +0000 Chris http://www.gorillavsbear.net/?p=348014

QT – Hey QT (Diplo remix)

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