It's a pretty bold move to release 5 of the best songs from your debut full-length so far in advance of its street date, but in the case of Mk.gee and his stunning new album Two Star & the Dream Police, it turns out it was a warranted flex from the young songwriter and budding guitar icon. We've had tracks like the Bait Ones-indebted "Candy" and the otherworldly "How many miles" on repeat for months, and we're happy to report that those early singles only scratch the surface of the sonic wonder and magic that is Two Star & the Dream Police. Every single one of the previously released songs manages to sound even better in the context of the full record, setting up the god-tier run that makes up the heart of the album, from the soulful "Rylee & I" through the timeless, "Crimson & Clover"-meets-submerged-bedroom-pop ballad "Breakthespell", with eerily familiar nostalgia trip "I Want" being the most beautiful, tender track on the record, and "Alesis" claiming early song-of-the-year frontrunner/future karaoke jam status. Listen to the whole thing below + pre-order the record on vinyl here: