We were introduced to Toronto duo Amanda Crist + Carlyn Bezic aka Ice Cream by Meg Remy of U.S. Girls when she took over this very site recently -- Bezic and Crist play in Darlene Shrugg with Remy, and Crist's voice can be heard on U.S. Girls' brilliant new record In a Poem Unlimited -- and we were immediately taken by the group's bizarre and highly infectious warped pop jams. Today, Ice Cream unveils their surreal self-directed "karaoke" video for "MY MIND BUT ME", the jittery b-side from the duo's limited new slime green cassette. If the slightly unsettling visuals and buzzing synths make you feel a little paranoid and anxious, that's probably by design; Ice Cream tells us that the song is "loosely about technological surveillance-- how our unvoiced thoughts are maybe the only privacy we have left in the modern world". Watch the vid below + grab the Dialtone/MMBM tape here:

Ice Cream is currently working on their second album, hopefully out sometime this fall.