I’m going to end my take over on a side note:

At the same time In a Poem Unlimited was in production, Darlene Shrugg (a rock band featuring myself and Poem vets Maximilian Turnbull & Amanda Crist as well as Simone Tisshaw-Baril & Carlyn Bezic) also made an album. For those of you who aren’t aware of Darlene Shrugg, brace yourself. If Phantom of the Paradise had a baby with Bye Bye Birdie and it came out looking like Thin Lizzy it might approximate the vibe. I’m starting you off with the most epic track off the album, ‘Strawberry Milk’ - a song fit for a fight in a church. Give the whole album (out now via Upset The Rhythm) a listen on our Bandcamp. You will not be disappointed, and if you are, you must just not like Rock n Roll, which is legitimate but something I can’t personally comprehend. -- Meg Remy / U.S. Girls