Beacon was recorded and mixed at The Bottle Garden studio in Montreal during the winter of 2016. The Bottle Garden is a gem of a studio, a shrine to analogue tape and equipment hiding just below the noses of passersby on a busy street in the Mile End. Many of my favourite musicians in Montreal have recorded there including TOPS, Mich Cota, She-Devils and Elle Barbara to name a few. Peter Woodford and Caitlin Loney who run the studio make music together under Freelove Fenner, and are also photographers and videographers. I have fond memories of coming into the studio on cold winter days, being greeted with coffee and conversation, discovering records and equipment before heading downstairs to record. Here are some photographs that Peter has taken of artists in the studio. -- Tess Roby

Me recording ‘Air Above Mirage’ off Beacon

Jane and David from TOPS

Kyle from She-Devils

Caitlin of Freelove Fenner splicing tape