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video: Tess Roby – Given Signs
In advance of her fall European tour with Men I Trust, Montreal's Tess Roby shares the video for the dreamy opening track from her beautiful debut LP Beacon, one of our favorite records of 2018. Directed by Tess Roby & Hugo Bernier. Beacon is out now on Italians Do It Better...
Tess Roby x gorilla vs. bear takeover: photography
I will leave you with some of my favourite photographs I’ve taken. I’m currently preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition, LIKE WATER, A WINDOW, in Toronto as part of Contact Photography Festival. Runs April 28 - June 17th, more info here! -- Tess Roby
Tess Roby x gorilla vs. bear takeover: Eliot Roby
Eliot Roby is my brother, who wrote and recorded all of the guitar arrangements on Beacon. Often people ask me how it is to work with a sibling, and the answer is that it is both wonderful and difficult. It is an amazing thing to watch someone grow through music, and having the same musical history makes it very intuitive to work together...
Tess Roby x gorilla vs. bear takeover: N10.AS
N10.AS (pronounced ‘antennas’) is Montreal’s online community radio station. I host a monthly programme on the station called ‘Distant Rhythms’ which explores a variety of music from around the world, with a focus on overlooked records from the 80s and 90s...
Tess Roby x gorilla vs. bear takeover: catalyst
In February 2017 we set out to California to film the video for Catalyst. We rented a car for two weeks, took a boat to Catalina island, drove deep into the desert. It was a magical experience, and I feel that this video is the first artistic vision I have ever seen realized. Here are some behind the scenes photographs, stills and memories from the amazing adventure that happened as we filmed this
Tess Roby x GvsB takeover: The Beacon
The Beacon exists in Lancashire, England, not far from where my father was born and where I spent summers as a child. I have been returning to it my whole life. The photograph above is featured on the gatefold of the LP. It’s me as a child, walking up to beacon, somehow so telling of the future. -- Tess Roby

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