gorilla vs. bear sunday mix 013 | Westerman
London's Westerman graces us with this week's Sunday morning mix -- which he's dubbed "Escape Ropes" -- featuring tracks from Coltrane, Cocteau Twins, Nick Drake, Alex G, Neil Young, Anne Briggs, Jai Paul, Westerman's collaborative partner Bullion, and more...
Westerman – The Line
Westerman shares another killer single from his debut LP Your Hero is Not Dead, which is shaping up to be something special...
Westerman – Blue Comanche
London's Westerman announces his signing to Partisan with the release of enchanting new single "Blue Comanche", a soothing, melancholy track about "the inevitability of environmental loss as a consequence of modernization." Westerman adds, "I don't think we should go back to the Stone Age or anything, but there's still something profoundly sad about what's being lost."

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