Everyone has these ones– songs that hold a very important memory, or carry you through an important time in your life. Here are some of mine. -- Tess Roby

What I Wouldn’t Give - The Pink Industry
I only heard this one for the first time last month, and thought ‘where has this song been all my life’

Halcyon On and On - Orbital
After hearing this for the first time I somehow felt that I could move onto the next phase of my life, and became stronger from it. I remember listening to it at night, driving into New York from the Palisades, windows open.

ねらわれた少 - Chiemi Manabe
I considered this to be my theme song for months. I would ride the bus in a bright red vinyl jacket, walking with more confidence as I listened in headphones

Golden Hours - Brian Eno
How can moments go so slow, several times

Love Stepping Out - Disco Inferno
Sometimes songs become colours, and the colour of this one is indigo. I will never forget hearing this song for the first time at the perfect moment, driving down the Pacific Coast Highway into Los Angeles, deep in the haze of a February sunset.