We've mentioned a time or two what an unreal year 2015 has been for new music, and that was certainly reflected in our recent lists of the best albums, songs, videos, and Young Thug tracks of the year. Today, we've teamed up with Spotify in collaboration with their Year in Music — where they're highlighting the top music + culture stories of 2015, as well as the year's most streamed artists, songs, and albums — to share our own most-listened-to artists of the year (shout out to Grimes, Young Thug, Bop English, Prince Innocence, Autre Ne Veut, and somewhat surprisingly, Knxwledge), and our personal top music story of the year. If you're curious who you actually listened to the most in 2k15 or exactly how many days you spent listening to music this year, you can check out Year in Music for your personal, sometimes embarrassingly enlightening stats, such as:

I had no idea I even listened to Grave Wave at all! The stats also hinted at our own personal favorite music story of 2015, which was the meteoric ascent of Fort Worth's own Leon Bridges. His rise from busboy to Grammy nominee in 2015 has been well-documented, and some of the details still sound too far-fetched to be true for a kid from Crowley, TX (performing with the living Beatles, a song in a Will Smith film, the SNL appearance with Ryan Gosling, etc.). But he did it all right here in our neck of the woods with members of our favorite band in the world, culminating in a 2016 Grammy nomination for R&B album of the year. It's been a fun ride to watch since the beginning, and we're psyched to see what he does next.

Check out Spotify's Year in Music here and share your own personal Year in Music card in the comments below or over on Facebook by New Year's Eve to enter for a chance to win a 1-year premium subscription to Spotify, a pair of Bose in-ear headphones, a Soundwave Canvas, and a $50 Ticketmaster gift card*.