Nothing more subjective than picking your favorite Young Thug song in a year when the absurdly prolific rapper seemed to release a new mixtape, collab, or random-ass potential hit every week, so here are our personal top 5, at least until ThuggaXWapp drops (spoiler: at least 4 of these will be on our songs of 2015 list). No wrong answers in this case, so let us know what your list looks like, and if you're one of the last people on the planet still unable to get into Thugger — shout out to our SiriusXM show listeners — maybe this is a start? Polaroid of Young Thug and his daughter by Faith Silva.

01 METRO THUGGIN :: Free Gucci // prod. Metro Boomin

Any of the tracks Young Thug did this year with Metro Boomin would be acceptable choices for this list, but this was the beat of the year for me, and the song I listened to in the car with the windows down more than any other. Also, like most songs from the perpetually misquoted rapper, way more fun than it should be to listen while following the probably inaccurate lyrics on Genius.

02 JAMIE XX :: I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) // prod. Jamie xx

Unequivocally our song of the summer 2015.

03 YOUNG THUG :: Constantly Hating // prod. Wheezy

A master class on how to do lilting/melodic and totally menacing at the same time, over a deceptively minimal beat from Wheezy. The best song from one of our favorite records of 2015.

04 YOUNG THUG :: Raw (might just) // prod. Treasure Fingers

Thugger does romantic, introspective cloud rap, courtesy of an unexpected, Clams-esque beat from blog-house holdover Treasure Fingers.

05 YOUNG THUG :: Pacifier // (Prod. Mike Will Made-It)