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As if we weren’t psyched enough for Jamie xx’s debut record already: this song, which features the xx’s Romy Madley Croft and an absolutely glorious and inspired Idris Muhammad sample, is beautiful (and Annie Mac‘s enthusiasm is contagious):

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QT – Hey QT (Diplo remix)

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We’re not typically into the concept of the “song teaser” as a general rule, but the masterfully executed “xamples” that Toronto pop star/enigma Allie X has been rolling out as a preview of her forthcoming debut record CollXtion are a decided, unequivocal exception. Allie X’s unstoppable previous singles “Catch“, “Bitch“, and “Prime” emerged from seemingly out of nowhere, fully formed; pristine, highly emotional pop with an unsettling edge and soaring, enduring hooks that we still can’t shake after countless plays over the past year. And the new material — particularly that anthemic and kind of devastating chorus on future hit “GOOD” — sounds every bit as massive and affecting. Photography by Yoshino. CollXtion is out April 7.

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[taken from No Joy's new LP More Faithful, out June 9 on Mexican Summer]

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Fresh off of killing SXSW (by all accounts) and making a fan out of Bill Murray in the process, our favorite secret mermaid Tei Shi drops a slinky new jam from her stellar, forthcoming Verde EP, out April 14.

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We turned 10 years old today. That’s roughly 70 blog years. Thanks for sticking around.

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Japan’s Cuushe unveils another hypnotic track from her excellent new “noir storybook” / EP, Night Lines (album art of the year so far, too), out April 7 via Cascine / Flau.

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