Please welcome the lovely New Zealanders from Yumi Zouma to Gorilla vs. Bear, as Christie, Charlie, Josh + Sam will be running things and sharing some amazing stuff for you guys all day. Stay up on all of their posts here, check out their beautiful new EP collection here, and someone please buy them this 7" so they never have to get corporate jobs:

It's no secret that the 1980's was a very special time for New Zealand music. The Flying Nun bands are really cult classics everywhere. Although Beat Rhythm Fashion, a band from Wellington, were never a Flying Nun band, they do capture something special that was going on in New Zealand at the time. This song is so haunting and beautiful. The vocals are such a delightful mix of slacker and masterful. We're total suckers for those huge stereo chorus synth strings. One day when we have corporate jobs, we'll buy this 7". — Yumi Zouma