Ernest Greene aka Washed Out shares a glorious new track, out today on Sub Pop. After his original concept for the "Too Late" video was derailed by Covid-19, Greene put out a call to his fans on instagram for their sunset vids, and the response he got was overwhelming. "I went in thinking if I got 100 clips, I’d have enough to make the video I wanted to make," he says. "30 minutes in, I had the 100 clips, and a few days in, I had over 1,200 clips - from London, Bali, Okinawa, Ann Arbor, Dubrovnik and a few hundred other places around the world. It was pretty amazing for me to see the vids and pics flood in like they did." The resulting footage is teeming with sweetly dreamy magic hour vibes, befitting the track's classic chillwave glow. Video edited by Nick Rondeau.

photo: blair greene


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