This is some Lynchian horror anxiety music by the coolest person I have ever met, and the guy who lays out all my album artwork; Jasper Baydala. Emily Kai Bock and Evan Prosofsky came together to make this video which to me sounds like one of the most daunting tasks I can imagine - its fucking cold in Niagara Falls and the 35mm camera is so heavy I can't pick it up so I imagine Evan's back was hurting a lot after he shot this. Jasper rode the motorcycle the whole way from Montreal to Niagara Falls and back in the pouring rain, and I don't think anyone really slept that weekend. As usual, Emily's directing and editing is super full of love and care, which i think is a really cool contrast to Jasper's (who plays himself and Elvis) generally creepy vibes. Also -- this is the premiere of this video ! -- Grimes