et aliae's beautiful Bach-referencing piano composition "Heaven" gets some soothing, Pure Moods-esque visuals, created by "motion fantasy" artist Kenaim. Kenaim says of the "moving artwork" he created for the song:

"In part Heaven is a piece where the beautiful craziness of taking the difficult path upstream is rewarded with support and positivity. An anti Aguirre or anti Apocalypse Now… Hearts of Lightness. I accessed many digital and analog techniques to create the emotions of the piece… using motion tracking to sample camera movement from old movies & sega arcade games, 2d scans from my sketchbook animated to life in After Effects, strange file render manipulation over generations, projected live visual footage captured from phone, GLSL fragment shaders, Unity, love, fire, exacto blades, vhstape and Paracosm's Lumen among other approaches, while liberally adding magic to the piece and painting over old ideas as if the video were just a moving artwork."

Watch below + stream et aliae's stellar new Rose EP, out now on Cascine: