We've been huge fans of everything Heidi Alexander's done since we fell in love with that classic debut from her former band the Sandwitches almost a decade ago, and the latest transmission from her shapeshifting alter-ego Earth Girl Helen Brown is no exception. The haunting Sade homage "Language of Love" is taken from VENUS, "the culminating 4th EP in the first year of the EGHB planets series", a conceptual project featuring a star-studded crew of friends/collaborators known as the Earth Girl Helen Brown Center for Planetary Intelligence Band. VENUS is all about love, and "Language of Love" is a beautiful, slow-burning tribute to one of the most iconic slow jams of all time, that smooth sax billowing like smoke enveloping EGHB's sultry-sad lament. Video by Glen Jennings, featuring our heroine and the Candyman cutting a distant, ghostly figure backlit by flickering psychedelic VHS visuals.

Earth Girl Helen Brown's Venus EP is out today via Empty Cellar Records on limited edition 100% post-consumer recycled cassette tape. All proceeds will benefit organizations "committed to the expansion of love and empathy as an antidote the absurd and vacuous practice of enmity."