the sandwitches

The Sandwitches is the new project from Heidi Alexander + Grace Cooper, both formerly of like-minded SF band the Fresh & Onlys. The group's new record How to Make Ambient Sadcake (out now on new SF label Turn Up) has been described as "what it would sound like for a band on Woodsist to cover Fleetwood Mac's...Tusk" and also "a Holy Communion of Roky Erickson and Stevie Nicks." The band does cover a lot of ground, stylistically -- from bluesy, lo-fi garage-country to Moon Pix-era Cat Power (see "Kiss Your Feet") to soulful, throwback girl-group sock hop jams -- but there's an easy cohesiveness to it all, and an earnest, unaffected sweetness that seems to be a common thread in all of their infectiously heartfelt songs. All highly recommended; get the LP here, and look out for a few 7"s in the near future.