Audrey Kang aka Lightning Bug shares a hypnotic and soothing video for her track "The Lonely Ones", a lovely, dreamlike "companion song" to her previous single "The Onely Ones". According to Audrey, the song was "made by sampling some scraps of The Onely Ones and building it back up." She explains further:

"Much like one must strip down their own firm beliefs to arrive at a core from which something new and truer can be built, we did this with The Onely Ones to make The Lonely Ones. The Onely Ones is sort of about the solitude of human existence and how I find it impossible to show someone else what exactly lives inside me. Logan was doing some final mix work on it when for a moment, he isolated some guitars that said something new and truer. All the percussive bombast of The Onely Ones was gone, and another melody emerged. So we sampled that bit from The Onely Ones and built it back up by following the shape of the sampled chords and leaning into the new melody. Probably obvious from the title, but The Lonely Ones is meant to pull from the loneliness that lives in The Onely Ones and let that one emotion sing. Try listening to it as if you are listening to a storm."