Brooklyn's Audrey Kang aka Lightning Bug announces her signing to Fat Possum with a gorgeously wistful new track and an accompanying, dream-like black & white video, which we're premiering here today. "The Onely Ones" is a soaring and glowingly ethereal shoegaze ballad that beautifully conveys that very intense, but also sort of hazy and difficult-to-articulate happy/sad feeling that we all get at times. Kang explains, "You know when you experience a sudden extreme of emotion? Not quite anguish, not quite joy, but some unutterable mixture of both. This song is my attempt to express that." She adds that the hypnotically flickering visual, which she co-directed with Owen Smith-Clark, "seeks to represent the fleeting impressions that stream behind the membrane of immediate reality. It attempts to remind how there is, shimmering within each person, an entire universe as intangible and as infinite as time." Watch below, and pick up Lightning Bug's October Song reissue here.