Max has been my main collaborator in music and life since 2010. I thank the stars every day for this man. He contributed the music for ‘Velvet 4 Sale’, ‘M.A.H.’, and ‘L-Over’ off In a Poem Unlimited (he also produced, plays guitar all over the album and was an all around foot soldier for the cause).

He is the leader and main composer/arranger of a new instrumental group, Badge Époque, that is making some of the most funky, moody (and I don’t mean brooding!) music I have heard outside of the 1970s (not that I was actually there!). This impending album is a gold mine waiting to be excavated – it sounds like the sample source you could never quite figure out from your favorite hip hop song.

This is the world premier of Badge Époque’s ‘You Can Build a Palace, Or You Can Please People’. Sit back and enjoy...Dig that flute played by THE Alia O’Brien! -- Meg Remy / U.S. Girls