Jungle Gym. Santiago, Chile

We handed the boys in Toro y Moi an old camera + some film from our friends at the Impossible Project and asked them to document their tour for us, and they came through in pretty spectacular fashion. Check out their photos from TX, South America, and elsewhere around the world; all captions/images by Toro y Moi's Patrick Jeffords (unless he's in it):

Chaz and Earl. Austin, Texas

Family. Santiago, Chile

Sellout. Denver, Colorado

Lost Keys. Somewhere, USA

GURRRGGHH. Sydney, Australia

Andy Flexin'. California

Half Crowd. Santiago, Chile

Chasing a golf cart. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Quick Dip. Sydney, Australia

Jojo:Spina. Colorado

Kat Rogers. Austin, Texas

Painted Palms. Muir Beach, California

Pat Jones. Santiago, Chile

Patrick & Faith. Austin, Texas

Swag Daddy. Somewhere, USA

Patrick on the beach. Sydney, Australia

Crowd. Austin, Texas

Don't Be Scared. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jojo and Chichi. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jordan on the Playground. Santiago, Chile

Rockers through and through. Santiago, Chile

Teef. Buenow Aires, Argentina

Tecate Dankin'. Austin, Texas

Say Brother. Austin, Texas

Dogbite reppin' Carpark. Austin, Texas

Jay Tram. Austin, Texas

Jonti and Chaz in the beat lab. Melbourne, Australia

Lunch. Sydney, Australia

Stage. Adelaide, Australia

Adam Schatz. Austin, Texas

Sweet Andy and a wizard. Golden Plains, Australia

Pffff. California

Line Check. Austin, Texas