Value Void - Babeland
London trio Value Void follow up their cathartic debut single with another stellar track from their forthcoming LP Sentimental, a record that has quickly become one of our favorite debuts of the year. "It is about one night when I was bored at a pub and everything looked grim except two very attractive men kissing," says the group's drummer Marta Zabala about "Babeland", a drea
Tei Shi x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: The Danger Boys
The Danger Boys is Jack McNutt and Julian Master. They are ridiculous and amazing. I got to know of them because they created an instagram page called dead animals I killed and started trolling me hard with it. The instagram page was horrible but also makes sense when you get to know their persona better, and realize they are these two really insane, hilarious and talented beef cakes...
Toro y Moi: 34 polaroids from tour
Jungle Gym. Santiago, Chile We handed the boys in Toro y Moi an old camera + some film from our friends at the Impossible Project and asked them to document their tour for us, and they came through in pretty spectacular fashion. Check out their photos from TX, South America, and elsewhere around the world; all captions/images by Toro y Moi's Patrick Jeffords (unless he's in it): Chaz and Earl. A