In February 2017 we set out to California to film the video for Catalyst. We rented a car for two weeks, took a boat to Catalina island, drove deep into the desert. It was a magical experience, and I feel that this video is the first artistic vision I have ever seen realized. Here are some behind the scenes photographs, stills and memories from the amazing adventure that happened as we filmed this video. -- Tess Roby

Directed by Tess Roby and Hugo Bernier. Shot on Kodak Super 8 film.

I had researched a few ‘desert oddities’ in advance of our trip, and came across Desert Christ Park which is a small patch of land at the foot of a mountain, where giant biblical figures stand in white plaster, falling apart for lack of upkeep.

Catalina Island was incredibly beautiful. It reminded me more of the Mediterranean, or what I imagine Brazil to look like, than California.

This was one of the most beautiful views I had ever seen, from Keys view in Joshua Tree National Park.