Gal Costa is a Brazilian singer who put music out predominantly during the 60s and 70s. I love Brazilian music and especially Brazilian female vocalists. There’s something about the language and how beautiful it is from a feminine perspective...and the mix of bossa nova, jazz, latin, & pop influences meshed together in Brazilian music during this era is one of my favorite musical settings. I played a show way long ago with the band Heavenly Beat and John from that band gave me a mixtape that he had made for me with a bunch of cool songs he thought I would like. It had a handwritten track list, which was awesome. I went home and popped it in only to realize the CD was blank. But I went and tracked down all of the songs he had listed and listened to them, and among them was this one. I hadn’t heard this version, and it’s now one of my favorite songs.
-- Tei Shi