Helena Deland - Live on CBC Music
Montreal's Helena Deland stopped by CBC Music's First Play Live recently to play some selections from her series of songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. I-IV, as well as a goosebump-inducing performance of her 2016 masterpiece "Baby". I'd recommend my favorite but honestly each song is exquisite and you should watch the whole thing as soon as you can...
Anna of the North - Lovers
Norwegian dream-pop duo Anna of the North shares the balmy, glowing title track from their beautiful forthcoming LP Lovers, coming this September:
Helena Deland – Baby
Here's a hauntingly beautiful new track from Montreal's Helena Deland, on which she seems to flip the possibly misheard "you're so baby" line from Ariel Pink's "Baby" cover (or maybe not) into an intoxicating and eerie ballad. If this one doesn't appear prominently in the new Twin Peaks reboot, then some music supervisor has made a terrible oversight...
Anna of the North – Baby
Oslo's Anna of the North shares her twinkling new single, a swaying, swoony slow-dance that radiates so much youthful, wistful anticipation that someone should probably make it some kind of official international 2016 prom anthem. The very dreamy "Baby" is out tomorrow on iTunes...
Fort Romeau – Secrets & Lies
Granted, it's only January 12, but this is one of the tracks of the year. Tears on the dancefloor. Fort Romeau's Secrets & Lies 12" is out Friday:

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