Patrick Flegel releasing second Cindy Lee album of 2020
As we're still attempting to absorb and process the incredible new Cindy Lee record What's Tonight To Eternity -- which came out less than a month ago -- Patrick Flegel announces the second Cindy Lee Woland album of 2020, CAT O' NINE TAILS...
Cindy Lee – Heavy Metal
Pat Flegel aka Cindy Lee shares the gorgeous first single and closing track from new LP What's Tonight to Eternity, the follow-up to a couple of our favorite records in recent years (including the devastating Act of Tenderness, one of the best of the decade), coming on Valentine's Day 2020 via Superior Viaduct / W...
download Cindy Lee’s previously cassette-only release Model Express
Model Express, the extremely limited tape release from Cindy Lee -- aka Patrick Flegel, formerly of beloved Canadian band Women -- is one of our favorite records of 2018, a haunting and occasionally unsettling evolution of the classic, lost-girl-group-melodies-meet-experimental-noise-pop that Pat explored on brilliant earlier releases Act of Tenderness + Malenkost...
preview Cindy Lee’s MODEL EXPRESS cassette
Cindy Lee (née Pat Flegel of Women) announces new limited cassette only release MODEL EXPRESS, "a 40 minute compilation of lost hits, alternate versions and B-sides." Edition of 100 gold tapes, out August 1st / no digital version. Watch a painfully short but very promising preview (that song at 2:14) below + pre-order the tape here.
Cindy Lee to reissue Malenkost on vinyl
Cindy Lee's Malenkost cassette was the second of two beautiful and devastating records that former Women singer & guitarist Pat Flegel released in 2015, and now the record will be released on vinyl in April for the first time via Superior Viaduct/W...
Preoccupations – Anxiety
The band fka Viet Cong returns with the unsettling video for new single "Anxiety", taken from the group's forthcoming LP under their new moniker Preoccupations, out September 16th on Jagjaguwar / Flemish Eye. Directed by Yoonha Park:
download Cindy Lee’s MALENKOST tape for free
We mentioned the other day that Cindy Lee (Patrick Flegel, formerly of Women) had an extremely limited new cassette release out on Vancouver label Isolated Now Waves; that tape has since sold out, and the band is now giving the record away as a free download — along with their even better Act of Tenderness LP — over on their geocities page. Listen to another haunted lullaby from MALENKOST + downlo
Cindy Lee - Always Lovers
Cindy Lee, the experimental pop project from former Women guitarist/singer Pat Flegel, follows up one of the best albums of 2015 with MALENKOST, an 11-song cassette release on Vancouver label Isolated Now Waves. Every bit as dark and harrowing as Act of Tenderness — if anything it's even more intensely noisy and abrasive at times — with the light from Flegel's distant but timeless pop melodies see
Cindy Lee is the experimental no wave / blues / trans-pop project from former Women (and more recently, Androgynous Mind) guitarist/singer Patrick Flegel. "Power and Possession" is taken from the group's intensely dark and cathartic new album Act of Tenderness, an eerie fever dream of fleeting, utterly heartbreaking classic girl-group melodies, sometimes obscured by abrasive noise and b

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