Cindy Lee is the experimental "no wave / blues / trans"-pop project from former Women (and more recently, Androgynous Mind) guitarist/singer Patrick Flegel. "Power and Possession" is taken from the group's intensely dark and cathartic new album Act of Tenderness, an eerie fever dream of fleeting, utterly heartbreaking classic girl-group melodies, sometimes obscured by abrasive noise and buried under a heavy layer of murk, casting a palpable, unshakeable gloom over the whole thing. One of the most haunting and frankly depressing things we've heard all year, and also one of the best. Cindy Lee's Act of Tenderness LP is officially out on the day after Christmas, but you can pre-order it on vinyl + download the high quality digital version for free now here (scroll down for dropbox link).

Cindy Lee :: Power and Possession