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Memory Tapes x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover
Memory Tapes' sprawling, heartfelt, beautifully flawed new LP Grace/Confusion is out today on Carpark, and while we continue to attempt to wrap our heads around the record's layered intricacies and thrilling/unexpected/emotional melodic turns, we're commemorating the occasion by handi…
premiere: Memory Tapes – The Autumn Reel mix

Here's a brand new mix from Memory Tapes, which Dayve Hawk tells us is comprised entirely of "unreleased, original stuff: tracks from GRACE/CONFUSION, excerpts from "Black Reel" and some other b-sides and remix work." A promising and moving 20+ minute preview of his new material …
memory tapes :: “bicycle”
The mysterious forces behind Weird Tapes + Memory Cassette -- which may or may not have been the same person all along -- have "merged" to form Memory Tapes, and will be releasing a new full-length this fall (limited vinyl run on Acephale and Something In Construction in September,…
yeah yeah yeahs x weird tapes

Weird Tapes reworks Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll," turning it into an extended ethereal dreamwave (best/worst new genre name) gem. Download Weird Tapes' version here.
Apropos of nothing, some cover art for a few upcoming releases we like:
white denim | fits (june 2…
I can't say that I've ever heard the original version of this song from Australia's Lost Valentinos, but I'm willing to bet that it wasn't this bizarre and awesome before Weird Tapes got a hold of it:
The second enthralling and slightly di…
faux fox x weird tapes
Denton's own Faux Fox, reworked by the mysterious and prolific Weird Tapes:
On a related note, Weird Tapes just posted up this nostalgia-tinged lo-fi seasonal jam for free download:
bright shinies
Austin's the Octopus Project have released what is possibly the best animated video I've seen this year (sorry Radiohead, Deerhoof, etc). But the sad wail of Yvonne Lambert's theremin is just complemented so well by animator Divya Srinivasan's whimsical ghosts and dancing woodland creatures, giving …

The prolific and mysterious Weird Tapes keeps sending me his newest cinematic/hypnotic late night jams, so I'll keep posting them.
Download both Nightstalking tracks at Weird Tapes' blog. And, if you neglected to grab the Gram Parsons-sampling "Home" the first time around:

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