Austin's the Octopus Project have released what is possibly the best animated video I've seen this year (sorry Radiohead, Deerhoof, etc). But the sad wail of Yvonne Lambert's theremin is just complemented so well by animator Divya Srinivasan's whimsical ghosts and dancing woodland creatures, giving this lovely track -- which is well over a year old -- some new life (via):

Watch the clip in larger, higher-res format here, and catch the Octopus Project's impossibly charming live show at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin next month.




cyndi lauper, 1984 [photo by Kevin Dini]

More from Philly's prolific Weird Tapes: Like most of his best work, "My Babe Walk" utilizes a familiar, albeit warped, sample -- Cyndi Lauper in this case, but also see "Home" -- to create a wistfully nostalgic, almost haunting late night disco jam: