black thunder
Not to be confused with regular VEGA, Liquid Vega makes like a murkier, more desolate Chromatics on slow burner "Black Thunder," courtesy of the detached (bored?) sadness in singer Gevenvieve Duprie's voice:

Speaking of VEGA, he's opening for …
well known pleasures

ex-Ghosthustler frontman Alan Palomo sent over the latest retro-futuristic gem from his new project VEGA. This is the second track to emerge from VEGA's forthcoming debut EP, coming soon:

Two great new songs on myspace from the mysterious Memory Cassette, who will …
The best scene in the best BMX movie ever, set to the decidedly retro-futuristic sounds of VEGA's "All Too Vivid." Also, Aunt Becky has only gotten hotter over the last 20 years. (thanks, Butter Team):
song(s) of the night

It's a rare occasion that two worthy Balearic(ish) slow-motion disco songs show up in my mailbox on the same day. One's from San Francisco, the other from Sweden, and both are late night beach jams intended to make you lament the onset of autumn (depending on your locale):
"Pocket Check"…
premiere: VEGA :: “all too vivid”
VEGA is the brand new project from Alan Palomo, ex-Ghosthustler frontman, and the kid mostly responsible for that group's small but impressive body of twinkling '80s Euro synth-pop jams. He's off to a swimming start on this first VEGA joint, which will be released in 12" form…