VEGA is the brand new project from Alan Palomo, ex-Ghosthustler frontman, and the kid mostly responsible for that group's small but impressive body of twinkling '80s Euro synth-pop jams. He's off to a swimming start on this first VEGA joint, which will be released in 12" format on new Austin/NYC label Vogue College Records. For me, Palomo's work sits head and shoulders above most of the run-of-the-mill "blog house" (WTF is bl0g house?) that's cluttering up the electro-blogosphere, thanks in large part to his self-assured, unstoppable signature vocal delivery, his legit retro-futuristic production steez, and most importantly, an uncanny and consistently tight pop songwriting sensibility. Alan hooked us (and our homies at Discodust) up with this, the cinematic and unabashedly romantic first single:

VEGA :: all too vivid

Look for future VEGA contributions on upcoming projects from Todd Edwards, as well as the upcoming Miami Horror EP.



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