loved up
In a recent blog post from Sweden's Air France, the group mentioned their recently completed St. Etienne remix, an upcoming "epic dinosaur record called Before the cave people" which may or may not be coming out on Sincerely Yours, and big upped both jj and Best Coast's …
thrashin’ x vega
Still can't get enough of this song, and once again our friends at Butter Team have proven themselves the undisputed champions of matching retro-futuristic Palomo summer jams with their appropriate '80s skate/BMX flick montages. Hot, reckless, and totally insane:
no reasons
Fresh off that now infamous/hilarious debacle that gained them quite a bit of unwanted national attention, TX's own VEGA is set to release their debut Well Known Pleasures EP digitally later this month via Vogue College Records. We're documented fans of Alan Palomo's nostalgia inducing retro-futuris…
crystal castles vs. dallas

Interesting evening in Dallas last night, as VEGA was kicked off the Crystal Castles bill by CC's management for something that Alan Palomo of Vega vehemently denies. CC proceeded to cancel the sold-out show altogether at around 10 PM due to what they claim was an "ill-equipped" soundsyste…
tonight in Dallas :: crystal castles + VEGA
alice glass in austin
Reminder: Crystal Castles + VEGA are in Dallas tonight, and I've just been informed by the Granada Theater that this show is getting close to selling out, so show up early. If you need convincing either way, check out some of Pooneh Ghana's shots from the group's…

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