still corners

Still Corners takeover: The Karate Kid
Great film. We went to the same beach - Leo Carrillo in California to film the scene in our video "Black Lagoon" where Tessa pulls up to the beach in the white convertible. -- Still Corners
Still Corners takeover: Personal Shopper
I watched this with a friend again and he said it was boring and 0 out of 5 stars ha. I really like it, it's a slow meandering film with a dark feel to it so what's not to like. This is a period where things that I find inspiring are those things that take a bit of time and grow as oppos…
Still Corners takeover: The Detectorists
A new series that we've fallen completely in love with. A clever and thoughtful show with lovely scenes of two guys roaming around the English countryside chatting, drinking tea and looking for treasure. The rhythm and subtlety of the show greatly influenced the vibe of Slow Air and how we sequenc…
Still Corners takeover: Ansel Adams
The wild, wild west. There's nothing like these photos of America, the vast sense of space they evoke is deep and beautiful, a direct inspiration for Slow Air. -- Still Corners

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