We've spent a lot of time at the Tate Modern staring at John Constable's landscape paintings. They're grand and beautiful and evoke a timelessness which directly inspired Slow Air.

The Seagram Murals also suggest a type of space that is unknown and unknowable. If you go to the Rothko Room at the right time you can have it all to yourself and with no one there and no sound, it's very eerie. The lighting was calibrated by Rothko himself, it's dark but not too dark. I don't feel you really look at these paintings, you just feel them and what they feel like is strange, as if there's more then what you're experiencing in this reality. We're always reaching for that musically. -- Still Corners

Red on Maroon 1959 by Mark Rothko 1903-1970
Red on Maroon 1959 Mark Rothko 1903-1970
Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831 by John Constable 1776-1837
Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831 John Constable 1776-1837