songs of the decade | 2010-2019
Almost impossible to follow up the best ALBUMS OF THE DECADE list we've seen this decade (SO FAR), but here are our favorite songs of the past 10 years, lovingly culled from a running list of over 500 tracks, all of which we adore. The absurdity of ranking songs occurred to us often while making thi…
THE BEST OF 2019.5
As we approach the midway point of 2019, here's our constantly evolving recap of our favorite albums, songs, and videos from the first half of an already insane year. In an era when truly special new records seem to evade or evaporate from the internet's collective consciousness at an unsettling rat…
BEST OF 2017.5
As we approach the halfway point of 2017, here are our favorite albums + songs from what is shaping up to be a frenetic, kind of convoluted (we are not on board with the teaser trend, just drop the jams), and overwhelmingly great year for new music:
2016.5 // songs of the year (so far)
Following yesterday's albums of the year post, here are our favorite songs from the first half of 2016. Check the list below, and keep up with our running songs of 2016 spotify playlist, which we're updating just about every week.
Following last week's Albums of 2015 list, here are our favorite songs of the year: we went deeper than ever this time out, and while 111 tracks might seem like a lot to love in any given 12 month span, I feel like the list is a pretty accurate representation of just how unreal 2015 has been for new…
our favorite albums + tracks of 2015 so far

01 PANDA BEAR - Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper
02 LEON BRIDGES - Coming Home
03 JAMIE XX - In Colour
04 LOWER DENS - Escape from Evil
05 SUFJAN STEVENS - Carrie & Lowell
06 BOP ENGLISH - Constant Bop
07 JESSICA PRATT - On Your Own Love Again
08 YOUNG THUG - Barter 6
09 YUMI Z…
running best songs of 2015 list
02 METRO THUGGIN - Free Gucci
03 JAMIE XX - Loud Places
04 CHROMATICS - In Films
06 PANDA BEAR - Tropic of Cancer
07 LOWER DENS - Your Heart Still Beating
08 JAMIE XX - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) (feat...

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