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Animal Collective takeover: pega monstro — não consegues
i gather that people stop being open to new sounds after the age of 33? but i haven’t found that to be the case so much and I’m an old man. this is off one of my favorite records from last year and the video reminds me of home. — Panda Bear of Animal Collective
Animal Collective takeover: Gloria Ann Taylor
A friend of mine sent me some rips of these records some years back. I've never grabbed copies of my own actually. I've often wondered why you don't hear more about these songs and Gloria Ann Taylor's crazy amazing voice with all its trills and bends and pure emotion...
Animal Collective takeover: Bernard Parmegiani – Pop Eclectic (1968)
I slept on this guy when I was getting into music concrete in the 1990’s. I’ve recently been going back to his records to make up for lost time. I’d like to thank Editions Mego for helping with that. You often hear about psychedelic musicians studying with, or being inspired by electronic composers - Holger Czukay, Phil Lesh, Syd Barrett - but rarely do you see instances where the interest goes
Animal Collective takeover: tom jobim — águas de março
when I’m making something and I’m really getting down to it i begin to feel like tom and elis seem to here in this video at around 2:50. i want the music to make other people feel like that. above all i hope to share that feeling. the portuguese language promotes rhythmic phrasing that feels unwieldy and unnatural in english (not impossible its just not what feels easy)...
Animal Collective takeover: Pavement on 120 Minutes
Sometimes a band's reputation precedes them. Seems like such is the case with Animal Collective these days. When I was in high school it felt like pavement had a reputation as slacker jokesters who were only half serious as far as rock bands go and despite their indisputable talent were really making most of their career out of poking fun at the music industry and "slacking off"... Read
Animal Collective takeover: Christian Marclay on Night Music
When Dave and I moved to New York for school in 1997, we quickly found The Cooler and saw some life changing shows there in our first few months. We saw Christian Marclay a few times and he always blew us away. Besides loving the music in this video, I love that something like this was on tv...
Animal Collective takeover: Stir it Up
Animal Collective's giddily vibrant and colorful new pop record Painting With (the band's 10th LP!) dropped last week, and to celebrate, we've asked the guys to take over the site for the day. So stick around to hang with Avey Tare, Panda Bear, and Geologist all day, and stay up on their posts throughout the day right here...

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