When Dave and I moved to New York for school in 1997, we quickly found The Cooler and saw some life changing shows there in our first few months. We saw Christian Marclay a few times and he always blew us away. Besides loving the music in this video, I love that something like this was on tv. When we first played Conan in 2007, we were going to play Peacebone or Fireworks, but they said they were too long. The only song we could fit in the time limit, and play without practicing prior to the taping, was #1. We thought it was cleared with the music booker, but I think they still thought we were going to edit down one of the others. They almost kicked us off after soundcheck because it sounded too weird, but eventually they let us do it. I was a little self conscious we were bumming Conan out because I’d always loved his show, but one thing that gave me some confidence to go ahead was the idea that later that night some kids who had never heard of us might be watching Conan and wonder what in the world they were seeing. We’ve all had that late night tv moment as young kids. — Geologist of Animal Collective