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Julia Holter x gorilla vs. bear takeover: COLE MGN
Cole and I met ten years ago now, he was working at the Smell as a sound person at the time, and he was one of the few people that was really supportive of my music, and said if I ever wanted to work with him he would be down. I was scared to work with someone else because I had only worked alone at that point, but I trusted Cole and the first project I worked with him on was Ekstasis (2012)... Re
Julia Holter x gorilla vs. bear takeover: TASHI WADA
Tashi and I met about ten years ago when we were both part of a “harmonium ensemble” (collection of musicians playing small Indian-style harmoniums), and ever since we have shared an interest in the reed-ier timbral realms, and also played shows together with other family/friends like his father Yoshi Wada, Dicky Bahto, Corey Fogel, and Mark So or with the Dogstar Orchestra...
Julia Holter x gorilla vs. bear takeover: DEVIN HOFF
Corey introduced me to Devin, and my life changed lol jk well kind of true though. His approach to playing bass (and music in general) is truly special—a combination of rich gliding-tone melodic+harmonic sensibility and an incredibly steady and focused inner pulse...
Julia Holter x gorilla vs. bear takeover: SARAH BELLE REID
Sarah and I met earlier this year on the first day of rehearsals before recording, and that was that lol! The sounds she creates are extraordinary and enveloping and contribute a lot to the vibe of the record. Like all the musicians I work with, she is a composer as well and on this record she brought a deep mood and sensitivity to the music, without us having played together previously almost at
Julia Holter x gorilla vs. bear takeover: DINA MACCABEE
I only started playing with Dina in 2015, but now I can’t imagine not playing alongside her layers of viola and sound processing/electronics whose magical richness have brought both a new warmth and surreality to my music, and also singing onstage finally with someone else who sings in a similar range (and beyond) to me feels amazing...
Julia Holter x gorilla vs. bear takeover: KENNY GILMORE
I first met Kenny when he was starting out in Ariel Pink’s band when he was still in high school. He was quiet and clearly extremely talented, could play any of the instruments and enjoyed getting all of the nuances of Ariel’s complex music down—he is experienced and so good at analyzing and working with songs with asymetrical free structures, like sudden changes, and odd bar lengths, etc... Read
Julia Holter x gorilla vs. bear takeover: COREY FOGEL
Corey and I have been playing together ever since I started touring in 2012. He has an approach to his work (which includes improvisation and composition as well as videos and installations) that is integrative and captivating—he’ll throw a rebar or a glockenspiel on the ground in his performance somehow both impulsively and mindfully, in the same way that he peels a dragonfruit or spurts out an e
Julia Holter x gorilla vs. bear takeover: DICKY BAHTO
I’ve worked with artist Dicky Bahto for years. He’s a big inspiration for me, both as an artist and a person. His work to me is so moving because it’s at once romantic and also very real—his subjects tend to be either the things he holds most dear, like his beautiful cat Katouche, or a piece of paper he is folding and some trash on the street, or like a mix of all haha—in his work I feel so much l
Julia Holter takeover: <i>Aviary</i>
This record felt very personal to me in the early stages of writing and recording on my own, but, as with many of my more recent records, ultimately it entailed a lot of other people, all of whom have been performers and composers whose work I respect and love. Here I wanted to explain what they bring to this record and beyond...

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