I first met Kenny when he was starting out in Ariel Pink’s band when he was still in high school. He was quiet and clearly extremely talented, could play any of the instruments and enjoyed getting all of the nuances of Ariel’s complex music down—he is experienced and so good at analyzing and working with songs with asymetrical free structures, like sudden changes, and odd bar lengths, etc. I’ve worked with him in various ways on previous records, but working with him so much on this one was pure joy. I knew he, like Cole, knew my music well and so I trusted him and all of his ideas were predictably good. He has an extremely sensitive ear as an engineer and was devoted as co-producer to the vision of the record in furthering or sometimes building the sounds I had been wanting to explore (a very specific example is the “Memories of Green” Vangelis-y chorus-y effect that he mastered for the piano throughout the record, or how he found ways to balance and blend the tricky synth and strings combination in songs like “Colligere” and “Words I Heard”). He digs passionately into the music he’s working on with a really special combination of zoomed-in depth and zoomed-out vibe perspective. He’s currently working on a bunch of people’s records right now, including his own. -- Julia Holter

Here is a fantastic video Kenny directed for a song by Scott Gilmore: